Why Us
Al Tahadi Automatic Doors & Security Systems Company has been established since 2004 in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the first companies specialized in the field of automatic doors, shutters, mattresses, barriers and security systems.

The company works to achieve development and innovation in manufacturing and production of the highest quality and lowest price and the longest guarantee period to suit all tastes, facades and projects

  • Roller Shutter doors of all kinds 

  • Sliding and hinged door motors

  • For the Spanish mat shish

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Eltahady Doors
  • Rolling Shutter Doors
  • Motorized doors for tractor and hinge
  • Photocell door machines
  • Spanish Blinds Mat
  • Car barriers and security systems
  • Iron and fer forge works
Spanish Blinds Mat
For protection from wind, sun and noise, aluminum mat shutters are the perfect alternative to ordinary wood shutters
Automatic doors
Electrostatic paint at the highest level, which makes it anti-sun, fire, water and the possibility of washing the door from dust
The metal panel also has a smooth, weatherproof, 7-inch multi-camera high quality screen
Car barriers
We have traffic bumpers and barriers with automatic implants as well as bumpers ground forklifts barriers gates
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El Tahady Co. For Automatic Doors, Armored Doors & Security Systems is one of the first specialized companies in the field of self-moving doors.

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