Al Tahady Company
Al Tahadi Automatic Doors & Security Systems Company has been established since 2004 in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the first companies specialized in the field of automatic doors, shutters, mattresses, barriers and security systems.

The company works to achieve development and innovation in manufacturing and production of the highest quality and lowest price and the longest guarantee period to suit all tastes, facades and projects

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Our Company Profile

Eltahady company and factory for automatic doors and shutters Spanish mat and Turkish armored doors and security systems and intercom and surveillance cameras originated since 2004 in Saudi Arabia, one of the first companies specialized in the field of self-moving automatic doors

The company works to achieve development and innovation in the manufacture and production of the highest quality – the lowest price – the real guarantee – the speed of maintenance work within the guarantee – and adhere to the dates of installation, delivery and excellence and elegance in all the design and elegance in all design and elegance.

We also have a team of distinguished engineers and technicians trained at the highest level of the parent company in Saudi Arabia to provide the best service to customers to gain their trust and satisfaction and to get the best always and work precedent honorable work.

Roller Shutter Doors & Clamps Aluminum – Surveillance Cameras & Intercoms – Sliding & Hinged Pivot Doors – Blinds – Spanish & Italian Aluminum Slats Mat – Automatic Doors – Photocell Glass – Traffic Barriers & Bumpers Aluminum Works.

We are honored to offer our services from:

– Rolling Shutter doors of all kinds and aluminum slats in all forms and colors and used in malls, hospitals, government bodies, villas, relaxation, exhibitions and companies

Italian motor for doors of stores and stores

There is a brake handle for manual door operation in case of power failure.

The door can be opened from the inside by means of a compressor switch as well as from the outside by a switch.

There is a Limit Switch to determine the work of the door to go up and down.

A remote control unit can be added if requested.


– Surveillance cameras and intercom devices:

Surveillance cameras – indoor and outdoor cameras – HD vision .Photographic transmission distance from 40 meters up to 100 meters. Clear night vision. Anti-external factors – registration of events for 3 months – the possibility of follow-up events via mobile and computer from anywhere – Taiwanese – American – Chinese

Hinged doors with Italian-made machines experience and quality assurance by excellent engineers and technicians and trained at the highest level with the mother company in Saudi Arabia

Swing Brand Cassette

– The complete system is two electromechanical motors (separate motor for each leaf) with control box and remote control and the number of two photocell and a compressor switch.

– Electricity operating 220 volts and the power of one motor 280 watts.

– Remote control works about 20 meters away.

– Photocell works to ensure that no damage to any obstacle during the closure.

– Italian industry of the international cassette brand.

– The installation of a compressor switch for operation without remote from the inside according to the desired location.

– There is the possibility of manual operation in case of power failure by a special handle.

– Possible operation of any additional number of required remote.

– There is a Limit Switch to determine the work of the door.

Sliding tractor doors


– It consists of an Italian-made motor brand cassette running on 220 volts with a capacity of 300 watts with a special gear and a toothed rail along the leaf and control box.

– Motor can operate a gate up to the weight of a full ton in the opening and closing automatically.

– Install a compressor switch for internal operation.

– Each motor and control box has a separate seperate in case the gate has more than one sash.

– Photocell is installed to ensure that the gate does not hit any obstacle during closing.

– There is the possibility of manual operation in case of power failure by a special handle.

– There is a Limit Switch to determine the work of the door.


– Window blinds mat aluminum Spanish and Italian high quality and features a muffler, dust and dust and heat insulation and gives a beautiful view of the house and maintains the furniture and interiors of the sun

– Armored doors Full safety and guaranteed Excellent Turkish industry with high quality and durability for more safety and peace of mind


– Automatic Doors Photocell and Securite Glass with excellent specifications Experience Doors Eltahady Automatic Doors We offer our services with international capabilities and high quality guarantee and used in malls, hospitals, government bodies and companies

Photocell machines

Model: Automatic sliding door system works with a load of 120 kg

Passage hole from 80 cm to 290 cm

The maximum height of 3 meters

Door opening speed per sash 8 cm / s to 80 cm / s – door opening speed for shanks 16 cm / s to 160 cm s

The allowable temperature is 20 ° C to 50 ° C

Machine dimensions 10 cm x 14 cm x length of the entire system.

Automatic door opening by radar

Control through the programming unit in the speed and opening time

Open angle control (radar range)

The possibility of controlling by a switch operation in three modes (permanent lock – permanent opening – automatic)

ACCESS CONTROL (such as magnetic cards – remote control)

The possibility of connecting with (theft alarm – fire alarm – air curtains


– Traffic barriers of all kinds Barrier Jet and fork ground and tube and fenders ground with Italian technology and high quality

Traffic barriers

Electric arm (Barrier) Italian manufacture brand Guinness International.

Operated by a compressor switch as required.

The motor operates on ordinary electricity 220 volts at a frequency of 50-60 Hz.

Arm of electrostatic painted greased aluminum.

There is the possibility of installing Photocell to ensure that the traffic barrier is not closed while there is any obstacle under the traffic barrier upon request.


– All the work of blacksmithing, iron gates and iron gates with the latest models and innovative designs.


– All the work of the stainless steel acetyls Tiwanni made and Trabizinat and blocks.